Learning curve.

Being a self taught painter, I really don't know the technical methods for creating. I don't know terms. I'm not a scholar on color theory. I just draw and paint things in a way that makes sense to me. One of the hardest parts for me personally, is starting a painting and pushing through to the end. Laying down the first layer or two of paint can be discouraging - nothing looks like you've imagined! Sometimes it's downright ugly! You don't always see these steps depicted on social media, for obvious reason. I spent this afternoon working on a series of whale paintings and I snapped a few photos in between layers to show you the build up of color.

layers in progress

layers in progress

The first layer was just a wash of light blue, and layer by layer, I built upon that with the idea that I wanted certain sections of the whale to be darker and some to be lighter. I continued building up those layers until picture 4, where I began to add details like the eye color and stripes to really give the whale his personality. I originally drew this whale, and all of the other whales from the final piece, in my sketchbook. This helped me figure out where I wanted the darker shades to be, and how I wanted the whales shaped.

All in all, I'm really happy with the final product featured below:

Keep pushing through! You never know if the end result will be your best yet!